Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Etsy in Fine Gardening

Just yesterday, I was at a Garden Club meeting and was offered a copy of Fine Gardening.  Pointing my nose in the air,  I declared the magazine to be intimidating and featuring not one plant cell that could grow in our area!  Well, that may be true, but one of the great blogs I follow is Garden Rant.  See their manifesto over to the right.
Back to the topic at hand.....Amy Stewart at Garden Rant posts the following: 

"As you can probably imagine, it's a big deal for a company to get its products in the front of the book like this.  Manufacturers put a lot of PR muscle behind getting magazine editors to rave about their stuff.  So it's been really nice to see Fine Gardening picking lovely handmade things from Etsy to feature in their pages.
I asked the editor, Steve Aitken, about it, and he said, "You know, there's just so much good stuff on Etsy.  It's a real treasure trove.  Frankly, a lot of the products we get are not that exciting--it's just more of the same.  Gardeners just want cool stuff, no matter where it comes from."
Lately they've featured these hand-forged trowels and these silverplate flower spoons
It's one of those things that makes me marvel all over again at the wonder of the interwebs. 
And, because I can't resist picking my own cool Etsy thing to plug:  Steel allium garden ornaments!  Wow! Love it. At $39, it's almost cheaper than buying real Globemasters."

Hey....Etsy, way to go!  And, Fine Gardening....I humbly apologize for not grabbing that mag and running.  

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  1. Hi Kathy! Just wanted to respond to your comment about the handbag but couldn't find your email address :-)

    Have you visited the I Think Sew website in the past few months? There is a shoulder bag pattern now - I actually bought it as a combo with the handbag. Haven't tried it yet but it looks really cute!


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