Wednesday, January 12, 2011


On the zenhabits site  Leo Babauta talke about paring down and trying to be a minimilast and shares tons of thought provoking ideas and new thinking.  I suggest you wander around over there .... a lot of this mindset falls in line with our job as caretakers of our planet.

In France a small company called Teddyfish makes bags by hand following the handmade tradition much like we who sell on handmade marketplaces such as Esy.  Their philosophy of production is beautiful: “We believe in ‘petite-production’, which means the willingness to work on slower rhythm and scale. Through creating and hand-making by ourselves, we are aiming to flavor our products with the warmth of the craftsmen’s hands, instead of the gasoline from the machine.”

Imagine if our world of mass-production was turned into a world of petite-production. People would hand-make clothing bicycles furniture food.

We would produce less and consume less. Things would cost more but people would make more for their labor.

We would love our work more. Produce quality things that last. Love our lives more. Call it Anti-Walmartization.

What is
It’s a site by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.
It’s about minimalism, and why it’s important today.
It’s about stuff, and how it has come to overwhelm us.
It’s about distractions and commitments and a neverending task list.
It’s about the culture of more, of bigger, of consumption.
It’s about how less is the answer.

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  1. You are so right, we have way too much stuff,in Europe people have less, great quality and they have gone "green" forever.


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