Monday, April 18, 2011

My Blog Is Coming Out Of The Closet!

Why is it that the best ideas come to some of us in the night? It is almost always relative to my Etsy shop or this blog.  I will wake up and jot down my latest epiphany and go back to sleep.  You know what the morning there is a lengthy scribble with little resemblance words. 

When opened my shop I knew I had to market it online, there are a ton of ways to go. I had to learn FaceBook, Twitter, SEO, keeping up with the Etsy interface, following threads and basically cramming my head more tech stuff than I could handle.  So, I did a little of all of them.  Not good.  Shotgunning your marketplace is ineffective. 

So, I started a blog to promote my shop.  After a while it evolved away from a marketing tool to a place where I wanted to say stuff. Eco-oriented topics, for the most part. That feels good........I like it.  As a result of all this indecision about what to blog about has resulted in an indecisive blog.  People don’t like that.  Makes us feel uneasy.

But every day I felt that I must put up a tutorial or some-such when I didn’t want to!  You have no idea how validated I felt when I read this  post on the Handmadeology blog written by John W. Golden “The Breakdown - 8,000 Etsy Sales  & Answering Your Questions” 2/2311.  One of the tips John gives us is that the better marketing tools are probably Facebook and Twitter.  Blogs, he says, maybe not so dependable. You really do have to have great content on a consistent basis to generate any kind of following. 

Then I read something about blogging without guilt.  That does it!  From now on, I am going to keep a weblog about what I am passionate about.  The blog roll and links will begin to change too. There will be an evolution here. Come along for the ride, if you like.

Note: Since I published this post, I have closed my Etsy Shop indefinitely.  This will be a green, food and whatever blog. 


  1. It can be a lot of pressure to publish a blog. I started mine as a place to talk about my work but along the way it became a place for me to think things out, share my life, and connect with others. It took a while, but I finally decided that was exactly how I liked it. Not every post is a winner, but it's all authentically me and I've met some incredible like-minded souls because of it.

    As far as the marketing thing goes...I'm still working on that. :D


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