Friday, January 15, 2010


We are so saddened by the devastation in Haiti this week.  I cannot wrap my brain around it.  So maybe this will help me feel I am contributing. 

A brief list of several organizations currently working to provide aid and are some links:

The American Red Cross
Text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 (billed to your phone)

The United Nations World Food Program

The Salvation Army

Action Against Hunger

Project HOPE

Partners in Health

The list goes on, and we all have our own ways to help.  

I am following a blog from a family in Haiti (Troy Livesay and his wife Tara)....if you are interested...the site is:

Also, I am following  Anderson Cooper on Twitter.  

I hope these links work for you...I have cut and pasted them from the sites that I am following, and believe me, I am no techie. 

So...we can help by being informed.  We can help with our American dollars. We can help by talking about what we are seeing and how we feel about it.  We simply cannot be remote.



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  1. Sorry to share this...but with what happened with the So. California fires, I'm no longer a supporter of the American Red Cross. I think they do alot to help, but they were extremely slow to respond, and their % dollars that helped (vs what was raised locally) was extremely low.

    I'm now keene on doing more research for any disaster to find an appropriate agency that has a high rate of making an impact and a high rate of $$$ donated make it to the cause intended. Unfortunately American Red Cross doesn't meet those expectations, shared by many. On the positive side, they realize they have a problem and need to work on it....but I think it will be years before they can turn it around.



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