Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've got spots.....

Ashley, over at FilmInTheFridge has put together my next project.  Sooo nice of her to design, test and create my next quilt for me.  I have been collecting polka dots for a while.  I have the white ....so am good to go before too long.  Click on the link go look at Ashley's creations both on her own site and fliker.  Don't forget about the links I put up here for you.....anytime you see underlined text just click on it.

There is this huge plastic tub in my sewing room full of scraps from my bag-making.  They are all funny and wonky shapes.  Not enough for another bag, but good enough for quilting.   Last year, I took a class from Freddy Moran,  the queen of off-the-wall fabric combinations and quilts that make you smile.  One of her essentials is what she calls "The Parts Department".......I have a plastic box so designated 4" squares and 2" inch strips.  When the mood hit me, I will grab some pieces and make a block.

The plan is to square them up and put them together into a quilt.  Talk about scrappy!  A little nostalgic too since the fabric was used to make a purse or bag that is either in my shop or sold long ago.  Please forgive the flagrant promotion for my shop, but if I don't sell bags....I can't buy fabric.  I have placed myself on fabric restriction after my Laura Gunn binge!  

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