Monday, April 5, 2010


Film In The Fridge is making hexagons....hexies.  She made a ton of them,  gave some away then came up with this idea!


Then I got an invite to join a Flickr Group called Handsome Hexies  (a group where you post photos and exchange information about the adorable hexie and what you can do with them).   Before accepting,  I went digging around my sewing room for a old project I had started but gave up on.   There they were..... a ton of templates and reproduction fabric left over from a whirlygig quilt that is in our guest room.  Okeydokey....I am good to go!  I join the group.  My project will be to make a couple of pillows like Ashely did to go with the quilt.  My guest room will look pretty spiffy!