Saturday, June 19, 2010

About Pleats..

I received message on flickr mail re this bag:  

"MyLittleCeePod says:  You've made those fabulous pleats again! Love em. Did you get the idea from Keyka Lou's blog? Are they hard to make? :"

My response:
No, I didn't see pleats on Keyka Lou's blog...will go right over and check it out.  These are tooooo easy.  Fold & crease fabric, top stitch 1/8 inch from fold, move over a bit and do it again. More like pintucks, I guess.  Also, look at the new linen bag in the eco set...I made pleats at random and really liked the effect.   I put the the piece right side down to square up and saw what the back side of a pleated piece of fabric looked like.  Totally different effect.  Since this is a linen-cotton blend both sides are the same, and voila....I have a new look.