Saturday, November 20, 2010

Accidental Felting....

Ok.....husband has retired. 

Develops desire to do laundry.

All goes in dryer.

I have doll sized sweater... and cashmere sox that would fit the cat!

On the way to the donation box,  I pass sewing room.

Wellllll...why not??


  1. Cute!! I love it when accidents breed creativity. It's nice that your hubby is trying to help with laundry - even if it means lots of socks for your kitty! ha ha.

  2. That is adorable! I wish I had found out about felting before I threw out several "ruined" sweaters...

  3. so that's where my adorable little earbud home came from!? so sad! men shouldn't be allowed to do laundry. I have finally insisted that my roommate, who is male, just pull it all out of the wash and put it in the basket if my laundry is in his way. DO NOT put anything in the dryer!! at least now there is a use for those tiny sweaters and sox...


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