Thursday, December 9, 2010

....and sites like Etsy!

Got my Care2 daily email today. Care2 is a  reference that can give you information on just about anything that has to do with being a concious consumer to health and personal welfare.

This section talked about handmade and had a fun and personal diy for holiday gift giving, and lo and behold there was a big plug for Buy HandMade and Etsy.  I am an Etsy seller, a member of Buy HandMade and part of that community of people who love handmade. 

Becky Striepe wrote a nice piece in the Green Living section.   Here is some of what she suggests:

"Rather than head to the big box store for impersonal gifts and decorations, why not try out some handmade alternatives this year?

If you’re not the crafty type, you can still add a handmade touch to the holidays by pledging to buy handmade this season. When you buy from an independent artist or crafter, you’re helping directly support their art!

You can put together pretty, layered dry soup mixes in a mason jar, for example. Just layer the beans, spices, and grains, and tie some bakers twine around the neck of the jar with a list of wet ingredients and cooking instructions. We get so many tchotchkes over the holidays, many of your giftees will appreciate something so personal and practical. Plus, once they’ve made the soup, that mason jar has a million different uses!

If you’re not into making gifts yourself, it’s so easy to shop for handmade presents. Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, there are tons of handmade holiday resources available from craft markets and pop up shops to sites like Etsy."


  1. Wonderful! I completely agree with making handmade gifts. And also love Etsy more than words can express. The products are wonderful and the sellers actually care about your business (refreshing!)

  2. This is a great blog post and you did an amazing job writing about the article. This insight is definitely what I am seeing as an Etsy store owner as well. I totally love being a member of Etsy and am proud to be a member of the community of sellers.

    BTW, thanks for following me on Twitter.


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