Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lawn and My Dirty Little Secret

Courtesy of Lawn Reform
I do not have a lawn! I would not have a lawn. I feel lawns are pointless.  Now, I have a dirty little secret; in my past I lived in a house with a lawn and a swimming pool.  A pool that nobody used.

That was back when we lived in the burbs.  Then you could drive around on a rainy morning and see watering systems going full bore while it rained!  Not only that, tons of fertilizer, insecticides and water go to waste so our lawns can look better than the folks next door.

 Overtreated and overwatered lawns  waste $$ and keep asking for more.  Pesticides, weedkillers, excess fertilizer and excessive watering don't just waste money, though - they damage soil health, kill beneficial insects, and reduce the drought-tolerance of turfgrasses. It's an addictive cycle.

We now have xeriscape!


  1. When we bought our little cabin in the woods there was no lawn and we loved it. No one had to spend hours mowing the lawn; no money was spent to purchase lawn mowers. Our kids have grown up playing in the woods and they don't feel they missed a thing.

  2. I don't like lawns either, certain neighborhoods in Canada forbid it.


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