Monday, March 29, 2010

Alabama Chanin

I am having trouble wrapping my mind around Alabama Chanin and I don't know why.  I first read about Natalie Chanin on Anna Maria Horner's  blog the first of this month.  Then Heather Ross wrote about her and her label.  Alabama Studio Style looks like a book that would totally inspire me.  But there is something that makes me slightly uncomfortable.

I have changed my style and creative process a whole lot in the last half year or so.  Everything I do is much more organic and almost rustic.  My next quilt will be Daiwabo fabrics....and if that isn't earthy I don't know what is.

Alabama Chanin....hmmm.  Their line is beyond my pocket book, but I want to own some of the items, so I guess I need to make them.  Sort of like when I became overwhelmed with the Gee's Bend quilts and wanted to make one.  But I can't.  The patterns and kits are out there, but after reading their book and getting the feel of who these ladies are it is better left undone.  And certainly not a copy made by me.

I believe these ideas and designs will flop around in my head for a while and blend with 'me' and my own work will emerge.  I have moved from working with cloth to fabric to textiles and who knows what else I will call it (or myself)...a fiber artist maybe!  I do feel a bit full of myself and a definite 'wannabe'......this is probably what is worrying me about Alabama Chanin.  I'm gonna get the book tho!

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  1. You'll love it. I did an afternoon's workshop with her in NY and fell in love with the technique because its so forgiving and fun. I'm back in India now and the hunt for the perfect cotton knits has begun.


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