Friday, May 28, 2010

Here is another in the organic collection

Another bag in my new collection.  The organic fabrics, silk screens, and hand stamped are finally getting more and more available to us.  For a long time it Ink and Spindle in Australia and various artisans whose hemp, linen, bamboo and organic cotton fabrics were just too expensive.  Well, I did eventually find some of what I have been looking for at Birch and from several Etsy sellers.  Hand dyes...hand printed with eco-friendly dies.  For a bag it may sound frivolous, but to me it feels right.  This week I made two more bags for a total now of six.  Not much, but a are the new ones....

In the spirit...I use post-consumer mailers (plastic-thank you for your cottage cheese container), and recycled tissue paper to wrap, bamboo fibre string to put the package together.  All these things are from Etsy sellers.  That says a lot.