Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My linen experiment...

My linen experiment...
My linen experiment...,
originally uploaded by SquareBag.
I am sending photo of this bag to a lot of the  groups I belong to on Flickr. I would appreciate feedback on size, shape and using natural fibres.

Frankly, it came out looking utilitarian when I made the first one. So on the second try, I added the quilting. There is a beaded zipper pull too.

Now...have I overdone it? The idea is natural and organic, and I want to start a line of linen, hemp, bamboo, etc. bags in my etsy shop....think they might be what folks would like?

This is a trial balloon and I appreciate your input, so please be honest.  The easiest way to comment would be to click on the bag photo in the upper right.  That takes you directly to Flickr where there is a section to leave your comment.