Wednesday, May 5, 2010

P.S. and FYI on Quilter's Batting

 Quilters Batting

I am commenting on my own post...but thought I would share this. I received a flickr mail asking me what I did not like about fusibles and what I use instead when making my bags for Etsy. Here is my reply:

"I use quilters batting. I have an Etsy friend, Linda at AggieRay, who has uses flannel for an interlining. For me, that would be too light. FYI, i have found that the best combo is home dec weight fabric interfaced with quilter's batting. There is a repositional spray adhesive product called 'Spray Baste' that will hold the batting to the outer fabric. This project is kinda big, so I may use fusible interfacing on the lining plus the batting so it will have a decent shape.I don't like the fusibles since they shrink when heated and the fabric does not...guess what..wrinkles on our bags. "