Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pretty Pettals

In the Spring issue of Stitch Magazine I found the wonderful bag pattern. Designed by Rebeka Lambert of Artsy-Craftsy Babe and Etsy.  I have used Beki's patterns before and sold quite a few of the pleated shoulder bags.   That said, knew I could make this bag.  Her patterns are to the point with lots of great photos.

Off I went....I changed the type of applique to the turn and fuse method and added a zipper on the top rather than the fold-over snap flap. 

Oh...also a zip pocket on the inside and a beaded zipper pull on top.  

I wanted to list my new baby in my  etsy shop , but could find no license offer or permission to make and sell this bag.  Emailed Beki...and she said go ahead.  Several things are important here:  first, always ask permission to use anything that someone else made (photos, items from patterns you did not create, etc.)  This is understood.   Second, definitely give credit.   Always. 

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