Sunday, August 1, 2010


 I have been following Team EcoEtsy via the blog, twitter and facebook. Their blog is a cooperative effort of Team EcoEtsy members, providing eco-news, eco-tips, member features, eco-friendly creations, how-tos and EcoEtsy news! The eco-goodies are sold on, and can be found by doing a tag search for “TeamEcoEtsy".

Members of EcoEtsy work together to:
  • Raise funds for non-profit organizations, through auctions, sales, etc.
  • Find attractive ways to reuse packaging materials
  • Find promotional materials that are Eco-friendly
  • Promote Etsy through the creative reuse and labeling of packaging
  • Actively participate in the Eco Etsy Yahoo group, and other web based groups for the team.
  • Create a list of tips for sellers who want their shops to be more “green”
  • Educate buyers and sellers on the importance of reuse
This is a group you should know about if you sell organic, support ecology, buy organic or are a resident of this planet.

To go straight from here to Eco Etsy, just click on the bird graphic over to the right.

Buy organic, fair trade, recycled – and handmade!

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