Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Acts of Green

Michael Bloch, of Green Living Tips posts in his recent blog....I quote with permission:

"On a recent trip out into the bush, it was a windy, cold morning with intermittent drizzle. Niki the Wonder Dog and I were comfortable enough in our heated mini-van buzzing along the highway just outside of the city when in the distance; I saw a car on the side of the road. I slowed down thinking that perhaps someone needed assistance.

Out of the gloom emerged a lonely figure; an elderly gentleman with a bag who appeared to be just picking up rubbish along the side of the road.. and no, he wasn't just picking up cans and bottles for the deposit cash.

He wasn't wearing a Greenpeace T-shirt, there was no environmental group name stencilled on his car and he certainly didn't have the media in tow. In fact, there was nothing to indicate he was a "greenie" at all aside from what he was doing - he just seemed to be someone doing his bit for the environment.

I'll never know his name, but to me he's an environmental hero. He made me stop and think about why I couldn't do something like that from time to time; a random act of green-ness - to spend 5 or 10 minutes each trip cleaning up a section of roadside; or perhaps where I stop to have my break.

It's the sort of thing we can all do.

These random acts don't have to entail you being chilled to the bone and trudging along a muddy road. It could be picking up some litter in the park or at the beach while you are there, turning off a light at work in a room not being used - just something spontaneous and "outside" your own usual green focus.

Just imagine, if every adult in the USA performed one random act of green a day, over a year that would amount to over 84 billion actions. That's a lot of litter collected or lights turned off. As I've so often mentioned, simple green actions do work."