Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slow Start Monday....

It is 8am, the bed is not made, the sewing room looks like a bomb went off........there is work to do,  so I go to get a cup of coffee and decide to make a caramel-vanilla latte.  Heading for my computer to read email, do etsy things, twitter and facebook.

Passed by the door to our back deck and saw my personal-hammock.  Could you resist that......

That did it...out I went, latte in hand. Sat, rocked a bit and looked at my garden and out over our property. The sun was 'just right' so I got my camera.

In front is my herb barrel and waaaay back is my personal oak tree.  Since we have three acres of forested land our 'garden' doesn't end with the fence.  We have a responsibility to manage all this plant material and sometimes I look at it and am awe-struck. 

I would be out there yet, but I need to satisfy my digital addiction. Sooooo...here it is. I just had to blog.

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  1. What a lovely vista! Those stolen moments just enjoying God's creation and the beauty of it all...ahhh! I really need to get a few moments in myself before the weather changes and I start griping about how cold it is!


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