Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Brain Dump...

ok...there is too much flying around in my head.  I have started too many projects and my sewing room is just a mess.  That said...I did finish one bag today and promptly fell in love with it.  It is Laurel Burch "Felines" with Moda Marbles accent and lining.  

But (brilliant creative thought) I did all the topstitching with variegated thread thinking it would pick up all the great colors in the fabric.  It looks  rather weird to me today.  I need to take a fresh look tomorrow.

Here is the bag....I really want to keep it.  I had just enough fabric left over to do a thingie with it and found I had an old fabric covered button in my box and I got Garth to take it apart  so I could re-use, recycle and up-cycle it!

Moving I made hot dog and hamburger buns (thanks EJ).  I have been making bread for years, but it  never occurred to me to go beyond the gooshy-gummy ones from the store.  We don't eat beef, so our soy-mushroom burger will be very happy bedding down in a homemade bun.

I need to get my fall quilt bound and on the bed before long.  This is the most beautiful ufo I have. 

I made the blocks for this quilt a year ago at our annual retreat in Truckee.  Now, it is together, quilted and ready to for me to bind it.  Only took a year to pull it together!  

We are leaving on Monday morning for this year's retreat.  Kay cannot come, so there will be Elly, Irene, Susan, Carol and me....makes five post-menopausal women having a sleep over for four days!  That kind of fun will keep us young. 

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