Monday, October 5, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had By All!

Our annual quilting retreat was a great success. As usual, on the first week in October, our mini-group takes off for the high country and enjoys sewing Monday thru Friday. This would make year seven for most of us.....Kay could not come, but Elly, Irene, Susan, Carol and Me (Kathy) marked another year together staying at Lois and George's getaway home at Tahoe-Donner.  

Units turned into block and then into competed tops.....

Irene's  Log Cabin....

Susan's Christmas top..

 Elly's Liberated Wedding Ring (Freddy Moran).

Kathy got the blocks done, but the layout never made itself into a quilt top.

...Elly brought great echilladas...Susan, her  lasagne, Irene her famous granola. 

Carol cooked Terriyaki on skewers with miso soup, rice and spinach. 

I helped, I think.

It was fabulous!!!

Even though we do get together every week to sew, this is special...sort of a week-long middle-aged slumber party.

Our guys really don't get why we go to all this trouble...but we know.   We enjoyed great meals, munchies and hours of sewing together.  The date is marked on our calendars for next year as always.The stuff of memories!


  1. What fun! Love all the projects and the food looks so yummy!

  2. They were fun projects..all different and the food was fab.


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