Friday, October 16, 2009

The Bees are back!

See this bag?  Well, let me tell you what happened....After I made it I put a photo of it up on my flikr page.  Then I listed it in my was not there but a day and a lovely lady from Georgia saw it on flikr and ran all the way to my shop and bought it.  I had some fabric left, and while on a quilt retreat with my quilting friends..I took time out to make another bag.  One of the gals in my mini-group bought it before it was even finished, let alone listed in my shop! OK, I am getting the message.  Went directly over to Linda's shop to get more.  But I didn't see a full yard there!!!!  I convo'd 
her pleading and weeping digital tears.......and lo and behold she found some and sent it out to me.  Right now I am making another bag....seeeee? There is it on my cutting table...all cut out and pinned.
Note the little pincushion.  I have been buying these adorable emery pincusions from Dottyral on etsy. For myself and gifts for friends who sew.  Nowadays we all
have these computerized sewing machines and using the magnetized pin holders is apparently not safe for our on-board electronics. This is a  plug for Dotty's shop , and her fun pincushions. She is involved in a whole lot more and a great esty supporter and long-time member handmade community.  Believe it or not, this huge online bunch of sellers is both supportive and fun. 

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