Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Send Me Away

Don't Send Me Away ,
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I was packing up some items to take to my consignment shop, I came across a very nice Liz Claiborne long wool skirt. Instead of selling the skirt, I cut it up and recycled the fabric into a bag. I just knew it would sell in my shop, but I cannot upload the listing. So it hangs in my sewing room sort of in a netherland.  I am starting to look at Garth's Pendleton shirts with a new eye....hmmm.

Today, for some reason, I needed to sign into Blogger again.  At the bottom of the page I saw a link that said 'blogs of note.'  Well, click it I did, and I came across the most fanciful and romantic site I have ever seen.  Artists, gypsies new technology......The blogger,  Rima,  writes tales of their days and thoughts of her stories and songs of her paintings here on this blog for you to smile at.  It is called:  The Hermitage  Please click the link and go and see!

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