Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maggie Likes The Quilt

I finally finished the binding on my log cabin and put it on the bed.  This quilt has the whole Kaye England Spice Market line of fabric in it!  

I asked Maggie what she thought....she came up,  sniffed  it good and gave it her rolling squiggle of approval!  

I tried to get some good photos of it yesterday, but fall is upon us and natural light just doesn't do it.  

I can run in and try again with flash, but I am too lazy.  It is raining today, and I feel like a slug.  Anyway, there it us, comfy for us to sleep under until I put out the Christmas quilts.  

I put out my fall leaves lap/wall batik quilt too.  It is just appliqued leaves on point. This was a good take-along project.  

Now that fall is here and the rain and wind have come, we fired up the wood stove and are making Thanksgiving plans with family.  

A couple of weeks ago we had temperatures in the 90s, now I am trying to find long jeans and at least one sweater!  Outside, I found one lone rose on the grape arbor.  I guess you could call it the 'last rose of summer.'  If you zoom in on the little teeny red flower down in the garden... you can see it. Bye, bye summer.

By the way....does anyone know how to set the default font and color for blogger?  I have to change it each paragraph from times/black to trebuchet/green which is (I hope what you are seeing).  

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  1. Dogs are the best quilt critics! My dog actually adopted one of my quilts. I put it several places around the house one day and each time, that is where she slept. So now it's hers!


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