Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have decided that I am going to get myself a new graphic banner for my Etsy shop.  Back in August, when I set it up I just used the one Etsy supplied.  Nice, but no banana.  Since I am out there with hundreds of thousands of sellers on this one marketplace, I want to be a bit memorable.  Sellers on Etsy sell the graphics to you for this and the other stuff you need to do business for about $15.  Not much, since I refuse to do it myself.  

I went looking for a banner graphic that depicted bags, purses, shoulder bags...and the like because that is what I sell.  Well....lemme tell ya...I have spent hours of Google's time and Etsy's resources trying to find anything that would work.  No way...I found birds (lots) flowers, hedgehogs, skulls, and squiggly stuff..I do not sell birds, flowers or squiggly stuff.  I have never met a hedgehog!

I went ahead and bought one that was very simple and had some pop.  It will arrive any second now via email with an attached file.  

In the process of this search I found a gal who offers free blog page graphics.  I tried one .... the one you see now.  Do you like it?  Does is make reading my blog more interesting?  or annoying.  Please respond via comment section.  I know I only have two followers....I would like to hear from both of you.  If anyone is interested, click on the upper left hand corner of this page and it will take you to  where you can check it out. 

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