Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I made it for me...

I got some suede cloth online as well as some satiny home dec striped fabric.  I made this bag and I will  not give it up.  It was an adventure sewing with the fabrics and making the bias piping.  But I had to have it.......a bag just like this and the only way to have one was to make it myself.  Here is the finished product.  I need to say I this the best of all and I will never sell it! Never....made it for me! is the inside....ohhhhh! Yum!
Well...that said, I guess I should show and tell my other new creation....

This is a heavy, satiny fabric with one of my favorite black and white prints.  Perfect for a New Year's party with a little black dress and some garnet beads!  Speaking of Etsy seller(BlueMoonBaubles) emailed me and wanted to trade beads for a wristlet from my Etsy shop.  It really worked out...her she made me twelve zipper pulls for one wristlet.   About $1 each.  Good trade.
Good night!

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