Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Does NOT fly.... conspires against us!  This morning I awakened to reality. when I got a look at the end of the egg carton.  Please do not is not November 27th, however it is the 11th.  The egg carton is a warning.  AMH, you are not alone. 

The reality of not having two consecutive days to myself between today and the the day after Christmas has given me a stomach ache.

We have more social events this Holiday season than usual.....That makes it the season of cream cheese, candied nuts, nice wine, turkeys and ham!  ..and what will I wear????? And prayers that whatever I select still fits. Now THAT's a stomach ache.  This year, I am going to volunteer to bring appetizers to each event.  On party day I will go straight from the hairdresser to the supermarket where elves make partytrays you can buy. 

I am participating in a craft faire at church where I will sell my handmade goodies. As soon as I make them, that is ...and as soon as our friend, John, who brings us the mail, delivers the zippers and interfacing I need to get my work done.

The altar banner for the next two Sundays is not quite together....part of it is on my cutting table and the rest dwells in Jane's creative brain.  It will reach completion and installation on Friday.  

Logged onto my Etsy Shop and two things happened:  1) there are only nine items for sale and (that means the virtual shelves are nearly bare.  2) there was a new icon and link right there at the top  of my site in holiday colors that said "Holiday Gift Guide".......WHAT IS THAT??  Etsy stuck it there in the night!  I have a sinking feeling that I know what it is, and sure enough one click and I find that perhaps I should have been making things for my shop that were holiday in theme.  If I want to participate in this gift guide I better get moving and make some goodies, photograph them, and list them NOW.  You know, things like 'stocking stuffers' and 'gifts for everyone' kind of goodies.

I am sorry for the whine, and I know that it happens to all of us every year.  Denial, brain dammage, ego trips "oh, sure, I can do that".....whatever,  I still have my love of the  Christmas season. HO HO HO!
Tomorrow, I will tell you all about what Garth has been doing.....(hint...'stuff a bus'.....buying turkeys to feed 60 homeless......etc.)

Off to the self-imposed sweatshop!

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