Saturday, November 7, 2009

I made some stuff yesterday.......

At about 3 am the panic set in!  By 4:30 am,  still couldn't sleep.  This is not productive...I neeeeeeeed to make lists.  So up I get and start getting organized.  I worked until dinner time.  Coming and going in too many directions at once and not one whit of organization.  Church banner completed and that is about IT!  EEEEK....Craft Faire at Church coming up....and what do I want offer folks to buy at my booth.  I have bags and purses and one half-done apron, uncompleted projects strewn all over my studio.  By the way....It is not a sewing room or craft room......"it is my fibre arts studio"  If I give my workspace some class and a highfalutin name; ergo classy and highfalutin projects will come out of there.  Forget that I share the space with the washer, dryer and the cat's dish.

First thing....I made this wool houndstooth bag and uploaded it to my Etsy shop.  The virtual shelves need  restocking for winter and Christmas shoppers.

I also made a wristlet for the shop with this beautiful Koi Asian print.  Look at the lining.....little gold dots on red.

I plan on making a couple of rather fancy ones for the gals to wear to holiday parties.

Finally, I made 12 travel tissue holders to sell at the Faire....

You all know that I adore Flikr....There is a lot on my photostream that is new.  Take a look.

Amber Hall over at  Creative Little Daisy has a bee in her bonnet and is encouraging us to get going and get busy crafting.....there are tutorials and links to just about anything you might want to make.

Now I am off to the studio to get with it.

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