Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chirstmas 'n stuff...

Making Christmas stuff for my Etsy shop, the Craft Faire at church and to give as hostess gifts, etc.  Pot holders are flying out of my sewing room.   As for the aprons,  I really have a hard time.  I did find one tutorial that works pretty on Fabrotopia's site...click here to go to site and download instructions.   I can't wear hats and I can't put together an apron.  Just better move on.  

There is a new design for my wristlets.  I have altered Leah Williams' pattern from over at Sew Spoiled and added a cuff on the top.  This make installing the zipper a real snap for me and looks kind of cute.

And this is my favorite fabric....I know someone who would look stunning carrying this, maybe on New Year's Eve.   Lately the fabrics are getting more interesting to experiment with....ultra-suede is fabulous.  The Asian style fabric shot with gold is stunning, and I have some cranberry poly-satin that makes a yummy wristlet. 

I have uploaded these to Flikr, and my friends over there seem to like the design and use of fabric.  Gives me some incentive  to play more.  So, I guess I will offer a couple of these for sale in my shop and see what takes off.  Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I made it for me...

I got some suede cloth online as well as some satiny home dec striped fabric.  I made this bag and I will  not give it up.  It was an adventure sewing with the fabrics and making the bias piping.  But I had to have it.......a bag just like this and the only way to have one was to make it myself.  Here is the finished product.  I need to say I this the best of all and I will never sell it! Never....made it for me! is the inside....ohhhhh! Yum!
Well...that said, I guess I should show and tell my other new creation....

This is a heavy, satiny fabric with one of my favorite black and white prints.  Perfect for a New Year's party with a little black dress and some garnet beads!  Speaking of beads.....an Etsy seller(BlueMoonBaubles) emailed me and wanted to trade beads for a wristlet from my Etsy shop.  It really worked out...her she made me twelve zipper pulls for one wristlet.   About $1 each.  Good trade.
Good night!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Twitter  I did it!  I swore I would not because I thought it was silly.  I joined to help promote my shop
especially since this is my first holiday sales season.   I have an Etsy friend who has two great shops (check out the link).  She has been very helpful to me and I think she knows her way around Etsy. 

This morning I was looking at my blogger homepage and I saw her blog.  She hasn't been posting for a long time and lo and behold there were some new posts.  One involved a giveaway that she was running on Twitter. What a great idea!  ....aaaand she has 2,000 followers.  How does this happeen.  Thinking this was a great idea to get my shop url out there became a twerp tweeter.  Let's see what happens. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When the cat's away, the mice...

When the cat's away, the mice...
When the cat's away, the mice...,
originally uploaded by Jona&Lili.

This lady sells on Dawanda, the European version of Etsy.  http://en.dawanda.com/shop/jonalili
Take a look at what she does....beautiful work.  This bag is the buttercup pattern which I am using of late.  Lots of sexy pleats.

Time Does NOT fly....

....it conspires against us!  This morning I awakened to reality. when I got a look at the end of the egg carton.  Please do not panic...it is not November 27th, however it is the 11th.  The egg carton is a warning.  AMH, you are not alone. 

The reality of not having two consecutive days to myself between today and the the day after Christmas has given me a stomach ache.

We have more social events this Holiday season than usual.....That makes it the season of cream cheese, candied nuts, nice wine, turkeys and ham!  ..and what will I wear????? And prayers that whatever I select still fits. Now THAT's a stomach ache.  This year, I am going to volunteer to bring appetizers to each event.  On party day I will go straight from the hairdresser to the supermarket where elves make partytrays you can buy. 

I am participating in a craft faire at church where I will sell my handmade goodies. As soon as I make them, that is ...and as soon as our friend, John, who brings us the mail, delivers the zippers and interfacing I need to get my work done.

The altar banner for the next two Sundays is not quite together....part of it is on my cutting table and the rest dwells in Jane's creative brain.  It will reach completion and installation on Friday.  

Logged onto my Etsy Shop and two things happened:  1) there are only nine items for sale and (that means the virtual shelves are nearly bare.  2) there was a new icon and link right there at the top  of my site in holiday colors that said "Holiday Gift Guide".......WHAT IS THAT??  Etsy stuck it there in the night!  I have a sinking feeling that I know what it is, and sure enough one click and I find that perhaps I should have been making things for my shop that were holiday in theme.  If I want to participate in this gift guide I better get moving and make some goodies, photograph them, and list them NOW.  You know, things like 'stocking stuffers' and 'gifts for everyone' kind of goodies.

I am sorry for the whine, and I know that it happens to all of us every year.  Denial, brain dammage, ego trips "oh, sure, I can do that".....whatever,  I still have my love of the  Christmas season. HO HO HO!
Tomorrow, I will tell you all about what Garth has been doing.....(hint...'stuff a bus'.....buying turkeys to feed 60 homeless......etc.)

Off to the self-imposed sweatshop!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I made some stuff yesterday.......

At about 3 am the panic set in!  By 4:30 am,  still couldn't sleep.  This is not productive...I neeeeeeeed to make lists.  So up I get and start getting organized.  I worked until dinner time.  Coming and going in too many directions at once and not one whit of organization.  Church banner completed and that is about IT!  EEEEK....Craft Faire at Church coming up....and what do I want offer folks to buy at my booth.  I have bags and purses and one half-done apron, uncompleted projects strewn all over my studio.  By the way....It is not a sewing room or craft room......"it is my fibre arts studio"  If I give my workspace some class and a highfalutin name; ergo classy and highfalutin projects will come out of there.  Forget that I share the space with the washer, dryer and the cat's dish.

First thing....I made this wool houndstooth bag and uploaded it to my Etsy shop.  The virtual shelves need  restocking for winter and Christmas shoppers.

I also made a wristlet for the shop with this beautiful Koi Asian print.  Look at the lining.....little gold dots on red.

I plan on making a couple of rather fancy ones for the gals to wear to holiday parties.

Finally, I made 12 travel tissue holders to sell at the Faire....

You all know that I adore Flikr....There is a lot on my photostream that is new.  Take a look.

Amber Hall over at  Creative Little Daisy has a bee in her bonnet and is encouraging us to get going and get busy crafting.....there are tutorials and links to just about anything you might want to make.

Now I am off to the studio to get with it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The shirt off my back...or

The bag off my shoulder!  Today,  I went to the hairdresser and took my new black and white wool houndstooth bag.  I have not listed it in my shop because I could not part with it.  No way!  I even posted about it! 

A lovely lady in the shop admired it so I showed it to her.  WELL...out of my mouth comes, "I make bags"....As a result she went home with my bag, I left with a check... and all my stuff in a plastic bag....talk about 'pimping' your craft.


This is the inside of the bag I carried for the rest of the day!  I miss my bag.....but I am happy to have someone admire my work.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.....until purchased by its owner

until purchased by its owner
until purchased by its owner,
originally uploaded by SquareBag.
Completed this set for my friend to give as a gift. She and the recipient are doggie lovers....over the top! This adorable doggie print fabric is a linen/cotton blend.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let Me Share With You!

Head on over to SewMamaSew for the new November Handmade Holidays Giveaway.Their third annual November event kicks off with amazing prizes, tutorials, printables and much more.    All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog that day and you are entered in the drawing.  There are a ton of wonderful prize and several are sawarded every day!  Go see...I follow this blog, shop in the store,  participate in the forums and use the tutorials.  Take that as a personal recommendation.