Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Best Friend: Pet Shelter Cards

This is such a sweet idea and neat to do and share.  I just saw this YouTube vid by Sandy Allnock .... a artist and paper crafter.  Her idea an so nice.  Seh is going to be looking into donating cards to shelters in the coming year since she seem to have a growing collection of dog and cat stamps.  They could be sold at the shelter as fundraiser....lots of ideas.

Stuff From My Inbox

Today's inbox was chock full of fun stuff and posts from other crafters. Kelly Latevola (one of my faves) is bringing us out of the winter with some bright, water color techniques with Copics.

Take a .
Cathy Zelske who tells it like it is, tells us about her self-care FIT (link) program. If you want a challenge.  Go directly to CZ. 

Also a link from Zulily who offers every crafting item you could need for knitting, sewing, art, stamping etc.

Let me know if you find any other crafting goodies we should include.  Just leave your note and a link in comments.  Love to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!...back to work

Some my cardmaker gurus have come across this instagram thingie where you have Google select your top 9 photos for 2017.  Now, having Google choose without consulting me is suspect.   Look what they chose...
These are cards I have made and the neighbors chickens!  

If any of you are watercolorists, maybe you can help or sympathize....I am trying to find the colors to complete this project.  I have trouble with the paper, for one. It is pilling, but that may be from too many applications of color.   I think I will go to Strathmore.  Now the colors.   I am using Zig watercolor brush makers and want to make it work.  I won't try Copics, and something this size is a challenge. Katrina, Nicole and Jennifer just knocked it out of the park.  

 It is a birthday card for a special someone. Off the the craft room to give it another go.