Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Bag Is Done!

Here is photo of finished frame clutch using the fabric you voted for.

There are a couple of things to add.  I topstitched around the top of the bag to give it some structure.  My thinking was that it would to into the channel of the frame more easily.  It does.

Then, I remembered reading somewhere in my research to apply some masking tape to the edge to keep the glue off the fabric.

...zoom in on the photo on the left
and notice the glue on the frame.  You can
remove this easily with nail polish remover and
a Q-Tip.  And from your hands as wel.

Finally, thank you all for following along both on the blog here and over at the Carried Away Bag Team thread.  I will leave it up until someone decides it needs to go.  Thanks especially to Andy, Sherry, Sandra, IslandGirl, SoCalGal, Bagalicious and my DH who worked so hard getting the glue off the bag frames I ruined.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, we are almost there...

I have learned a lot about the secrets of making metal frame purses.  Believe me, there are a few things that I really didn't understand....the epiphany for me was this part (trust me it is KEY):  You will find it in Lisa's  tutorial and I learned it the hard way.  See the red X?  That is where you need to widen your pattern in order to have it open wide enough.  There is a hinge involved here and that is where you can get into trouble.

Here,  my pattern
did not allow for the hinge.  I can't get my hand into the bag when is it open.
Here is the pattern I made to allow for that space.Again, the U-Bag Tutorial that Lisa put out makes the most sense to me.

As I was told by several talented bagmakers, you need to make your own pattern to match the frame size.
For you folks who have posted here my blog or on our thread at CABT (Carried Away Bag Team.(it is on the ning page..if you are not a member, you should be)  tell me that you want to try these bags but haven't for lack of info.  I will post more suggestion on my flker page because it will be photo-heavy and my bog needs to move on (like me).

See you in the morning....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherry at JuliaSherryDesigns

Another Etsy friend sent info...

Sent by JuliaSherryDesigns on December 28, 2009:

You are going to have to make your own patterns by not completely following the tutorials.
For example, with the 7" frame, just completely trace around the outside of the frame, then take your measuring tape and from the trace give yourself 3cm on the outside of the trace all the way around, this will allow for your sewing. So if you want the bag to be 6"tall, measurse from the top of the new outside trace to the bottom to 7.5" for sewing. Then, take the metal frame, place it on the just inside the new outside trace, and mark where the frame ends. This is the place that will need to be marked to stop sewing. I think you can finish making the pattern from this point, but as for the glue, I only put it in the frame not on the purse it self. This will cut down on the mess and of course use the tweezer to push it in the frame. I have learn that with these metal frames their is a lot of trial and error that goes along with each new frame that I try. I will just get better with practice. The tutorials do help, but you still have to rely on your skills as a seamtress a lot
 more to  complete the bags.
Email me back for any questions.

Now....I tried my own design.  Still not understanding the part about adding width  to the area that abuts the hinge.  Made the bag....did pretty  well with the glue.   However when I opened the bag to put my hand in it was too tight...

Metal Hinge Bag Fiasco....

Yesterday I tried to make a pattern and bag...the result was a disaster:

Andy Lyle responded via CABT with the following.  I am going to try it with scrap fabric.  Here is what she says:

I'm sorry, I don't have anything posted to show how I put the leather in. I do have a blog: I'll try to put something on there about the leather lacing soon. In the meantime, I bought the leather lacing at Wal-Mart. I've also seen it at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and on line. I used it in making my Black Suede Little Bag (see a picture of it here with my photos).

When I was working with the first of my flat frame wallets, I decided to try to use something to wedge the fabric into the frame. The leather is what I had handy. Dan at 3DPatternPaper (at Etsy) offers paper rope for the same purpose.

The way I do it is this:

1. Trim the fabric to fit the shape of the frame.
2. Cut a length of leather lacing to the length of the frame opening.
3. Mark the fabric to show where it should fit into the frame to insure that it's place correctly.
4. When ready, using Gutemran's or UHU glue put a bead of glue in a section of the frame.
5. Place the fabric for that section in the frame with the help of something you will use to poke it in (I used my craft sissors, an awl would be good, too.)
6. Place the leather lacing for that section on top of the fabric and cram it in to secure the fabric in the frame. If the fabric stays loose after that, you'll need to crimp the frame. That will depend on the thickness of your fabric and the size of the frame opening.
7. Complete the rest of the frame.
8. After the glue has completely dried, using a craft knife, trim any of the fabric that extends from the edge of the leather lacing.

I hope this helps.

I also found another way to get to the Uhandbag directions. They're at this site: I'm also going to post the pdf copy of it.

Soooo...I'm off to try Andy's technique.  Will post pictures tonight......if I can get my finger unstuck.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Metal Frame Clutch Bag Sew Along

I want to make my first metal frame clutch bag.  I have never made one and I don't know anyone who has.   So I would like some help here.  I have the frames, finally got the glue, and now am ready to proceed.  

Here is the frame that I have....

And the Guttermann Glue...............

I have an instruction sheet that I downloaded from one of the crafting sites.

Next step is to pick the fabrics.  I have made three selections (fabric I am willing to sacrifice to catastrophe).

Here is where you come are the fabrics, you make the selection by entering the letter in the comment section.  As soon as I have 25 votes the majority fabric will be the one I use.

Then....I will make the bag and photograph and describe what I do.....tutorial-style.  This will NOT abe a tutorial, but a group experience.   If you want to learn how to do this, check back when you get the update info and see how 'we' are doing. are the fabrics (drumrolllllll)...

Flikr Photo of the Day

From Quilted Cupcake's Flikr page....the blog is:

Itty Bity Toys Santa on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Itty Bity Toys Santa on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flikr Photo of the Day

A Tisket a Tasket BOM
A Tisket a Tasket BOM,
originally uploaded by ann_champion.

This from super-talented Ann Champion.

Christmas Eve Breakfast

Garth made Æbleskiver for breakfast this Christmas Eve day. He added lemon zest to the batter and it was wondeeeeeeeerrrrrful.

With butter, powdered sugar or mandarin orange syrup....from right here in Newcastle (the best mandarins on earth)...yum.

We used the Christmas plates and my new napkins that Irene made for me.

You sew a half circle double-sized napkin and then fold it just-so and it makes a tree!

To everyone ..a very merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!

Photo of the day from Flikr....

from dragonfly design studios

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging in the sphere...

Every morning I go to my own blog, where I have my blog roll of favorites.  I read them....then check out their blog roll and on and on until I have no idea where I got where I am.   Then I feel the need to blog  here.  I know that I have two (2) followers and when I check my Sitemeter the numbers are single digit hits.

I make it a point to visit certain blogs,  Autum Hall at Creative Little Daisy has just installed a new stainless counter top.  She blogged about that and we all were thrilled.  How she develped a following is perfectly clear....personality, enthusiasm, tutorials and just a lovely lady.  This summer she did not post for weeks, and finally I send her an email asking if she was allright!  I received a friendly reply advising that she was fine, but was very busy.

Anna Maria Horner has the most fabulous fabric and a very folksy blog.   I wouldn't miss it.  I can see what draws people to her.

I need to know how to reach more folks and invite them read my blog.  I really have no theme, so I have decided that since my time is spent making bags right now,  I should concentrate on that.  I am a quilter too, and will try to squoosh some quilting thoughts and photos in as well.

Here is my newest creation (made from a pattern by Michelle Webster at  Keyka Lou
I tinkered with two of her patterns and am pleased with the result.  If I named my bags, this could be called "Whaddya doin' New Years Eve?"........

 Pearls and a wine glass on satin with the gentleman's pocket watch a few minutes after midnight and the lady's evening bag that sexy, or what?

p.s. This fabric is so on the photo to enlarge......

You purchase a pattern from her on Etsy and right away download it as a pdf.  Instant gratifiction.
Her blog is chock full of tips, tutorials, instructions questions answered.  All in all, a really super find. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look at this!!!

 Check out these amazing color pencils! The 500 Colored Pencils subscription by our friends from Felissimo is the only set in the world that matches the span and wonder of human creativity. Each pencil has its own story.  Like a time-release of inspiration and color, each month, over 20 months, a set of 25 colored pencils is delivered to the

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Angry Chicken....

Amy Karol, over at 'Angry Chicken has come up with a fun project for the holidays.  Take a gel-bleach pen and decorate napkins!  Miss Amy has a book of projects with an attitude...'Bend The Rules Sewing"....I have the book, and I really like her philosophy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I have found something.....

....and I think I should tell you guys about it.  First of all,  to quote Mariel over at "Or So She Says"
"Speaking of reasonable prices, when I saw these insanely cute bags of LB Artworks, I was like "what?!" I was so shocked, I had to call Jessica...."she's selling these super cute bags for that??" I swear these could be sold for double the price, but I love this shop all the more for being reasonable and I will sing their praises forever! I love that the bags remind me of nature and that they are so durable (4 layers)! If you want a unique, quality bag...this is the place. Just don't buy my favorites before I get to them!"   

Well, watch out Mariel..I just bought a bag from the birds collection...this one:

Go is a little late for Christmas shopping, but...hey, this for me,moi and myself.   Here is a peek as some of the other bags (photo from Or So She Says Blog):

There is nothing in it for me, friends, just the pleasure of telling my friends 
about the work of this gal from Tennessee.

That said, I am off to make a new ironing board cover.  I saw this dreamy and fun IBC on "Monica Wants It"  and headed over to the Etsy seller to grab it....guess what?  Someone beat me to was like totally gone!  Sooooo, I rummaged in the sellers sold file and found out what the fabric was (discontinued, natch!) but did get my hands on a couple of yards. Then I found a tutorial on how to make a new IBCl..... that I think I might make sense of.  Will show you when I finish. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

....well, here is what happened,

 ...and it's not over yet.  First of all,  Saturday I participated in a craft faire at our church.  It was fun, but very tiring for this arthritic soul. I have never done this before, but had a good time designing the space and displaying my stuff.
My friend, Karen, had a booth and Dona stopped by to visit and shop.

 There were 35 or
 so vendors and a very nice turnout.  And everyone did very well.

Wouldn't you buy an apron from this guy?

I did nicely, thank you very much, however I did not sell one single apron!  I tried everything....... even tying one on Garth and having him sashay around the venue.  He was a good sport, but no luck!  They are all back home now.  It was a beautiful, bright sunny day, and a good time for everyone.

The cold weather came in on Sunday morning and after church, so no planting bulbs outside......We opted for indoor activities...... got some cracked crab then stopped by Radio Shack to get a fire wire so I could transfer data from my old iMac to my brand new racy model.   Turns out we had the wrong type of wire, but went ahead anyway.  Not knowing it would take 4 hours, we went to bed.  It started to snow in the night and the power went out as trees and wires gave way under snow load.

Woke up to this.....just beautiful.  What was NOT beautiful, was that the old iMac was not hooked up to the battery stand-by and as best we can figure, it is fried!  AND, keeping the data I need (like passwords, address book, calendar quicken, etc.  out of my to itself).  Our Mac guru has been called, but he cannot get to us due to snow and our long, uphill driveway.

I can get on the internet with my new baby and man the shop as well as blog. I remember those passwords, of course.....but the bank, email, etc.  duh!

Now, what have I learned from this.  DO NOT mess with technology and take mother nature for granted on the same day!  Backup your keychain (passwords) so you can get to them with another OS.  Our son-in-law is emailing technical help as I write, so the troops have arrived.  Update tomorrow if the snow melts and the creeks don't rise!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eat, cook, eat, cook, eat and on and on....

...we had ham...we had turkey and all the fixin's for it all ....for about two weeks...we had it and their doggies here throughout the week from all corners (Montana, Tahoe, Oakland and Los Angeles).  The freezer is packed with everything from turkey and ham to saffron bread to pureed persimmons!
A good time was had by all....adults,  doggies and kids!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.