Friday, December 29, 2017

What happened?

Well, the eco obsessed quiltmaker is expanding the blog.  I have added  new interest just to keep my interests out there.  Or, maybe a place to go in the event I forget who I am.

Cardmaking has been a fun hobby along with quilting.  It is time to share some of the cool stuff I am doing.  I will continue so slip in an eco rant now and they maybe something quilty, but mainly this is a document of my journey with cards.  I have a lot to to use to use Instagram, where are the tags on blogger?  etc   (things have changed) me  out when you can.

Also, there will be guest bloggers now and the and some re-blogging from some of my wonderful sources.

Here is where I do it.....
and this is what I end up with.  
I am learning new techniques and have fun digital friends and artists to learn from.

I have re-opened my Etsy shop (shameful link) where I am slowly listing some of my cards.  Will see how this turns out.  I would like to have some income to cover the costs of my supplies for my hobby.