Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freddy Moran!

Yesterday was our Freddy Moran class. She was teaching the "Liberated Wedding Ring" technique. This is Freddy's quilt....Eighteen of us came at 10:00 am with our colorful scraps neatly folded and confined in their boxes and bags.....tidy workspaces.

A few hours later it looked like a technicolor fabric explosion.
The classroom was a fabulous mess!

Later, we had show and of the gals had made a "Freddy's House" quilt with "Freddy's Garden" blocks....just look!! The quilt, the quilter with the lady herself. Some of us are still on a high from yesterday.

By the way, Freddy was talking about her visit to the Sisters, OR Outdoor Quilt Show
where she had an opportunity to connect with the quilters from Gee's Bend
who had quite an impact on her. This is a collection I truly crave to see. I am also trying to find a dvd of the documentary about these incredible women. Last month, Garth and I were driving through Ashland, OR in the late afternoon enroute to our B&B. We drove past the Southern Oregon University Museum and Library.....there was a banner on the wall that was advertising "The Quilts of Gee's Bend" exhibition. We had wi-fi where we were staying, so I went immediately online only to find that that very day was the last day of the show and it had closed. Someday!!

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  1. How fabulous! Such a great day. Too bad you missed the Gee's Bend exhibition. I saw the documentary on TV. Hope you can find the DVD.


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