Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me and the Camera, or The Camera and Eye and etc Stuff.

I have never given much thought to taking pictures and I detest having my picture taken. When I launched my online shop, I uploaded photos of some of the bags I had made. The were awful! I got some advice both from friends , etsy and Garth's daughter, Renee. I think I can do much better now so I am going to take them all over again. Thanks everyone....

Meet my loves! Here is my husband, Garth and our Cockapoo of 14 years, Maggie. I believe when some men retire, they have a need for property and big toys. We have retired some ten years ago, and Garth has sculpted our property with this machine. The man makes the earth move!

This morning I made dogfood for Maggie. Yes, we make our own. She has Cushing's Disease and the special food from the vet is way too expensive. So we keep her healthy and well with good food and love. If your dog has this problem (not uncommon in smaller dogs) contact me, and we will give you the recipe.

I am trying to add to this blog while downloading an audio book....my mac is getting a little wonky. So since I know how to come back ato the blog, but no idea how to get my books back I shall pause. Tomorrow is Project Linus sewing day, and I need to make a Tortellini Salad for the potluck (
We are having an anniversary party) and get my materials together to go sew for the kiddos.