Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Sunday Morning

This morning the usual deer were in Garth's garden...we have divided our property. Garth has the front garden planted with lavender, rosemary, agave and anything else the deer won't eat. (or don't eat much of). Our three acres is home to about 6 to 8 deer, and multiplying rapidly. The overcrowding is very sad (but that's for another blog (rant). Sorrry, lost my train...anyway I grabbed the camera and took a photo (through the window). The fawns still have spots, and they are adorable at that stage. to the sewing room to get to work on my current project. (wellll....I started it a while ago for my spring bedroom decour....still not done. But by NEXT spring I will be ready dress that bed. With this quilt....just needs binding.

The backing is an idea I got of one of the blogs I haunt.

The next project is to finish and bind my Log Cabin for fall. The fabrics really say autumn. My mini-group friend, Irene, made this quilt, and when I saw it finished I had to make it. Now I am happy.

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