Monday, August 10, 2009

Look....I'm On etsy Showcase

I signed up for a spot on etsy's 'Showcase'.....and lo and behold there I am! Right there on the web flashing around in cyberspace for all to see (well, not me....but the bags I have made to sell in my etsy shop). You don't have to go to etsy to see my bags. Some of them are on my Flickr Photostream...I put the gizmo on here...look to the lower right. If you do go....check back now and then since I am busily sewing away for fall and Christmas.

Into the garden:

I went out in the garden yesterday basically to see if there were any melons to pick. No melons, but the tomatoes are going nuts. I also brought in some peppers and cukes. There was a lot of basil, thyme and parsley, too.
There were a lot more of these yummy, sweet tomatoes. Between the garden and the kitchen I just couldn't help myself.

Garth is the real photographer here and my step-daughter, Renee, is a real pro and has given me some advice. I am getting better,