Sunday, August 16, 2009

Smoke, Carrie and Our Friend Marti

We live on one side of a lovely valley, but today it is hard to see across to the opposite ridgeline. The fires in California, especially in the neighboring county, are making their presence known with our air and our valley full of smoke.
The aerodynamics of it all elude me, but it has happened before. But still, when you live in the foothills and wake up at smelling smoke, you know there is wildfire....and you head for Google to see where the incident is located.
Here is the sunset...............and then a view of part of our backyard.
Tomorrow, I go to get my hair cut.....styled, that is. My super special stylist Ms. Carrie, owner of,
Hair Productions in Auburn, has offered to let me display some of my totes and bags in her shop! So I am figuring out how to make a little display for large bags that will not take up much space or get in the way.

Now, bad news...We received an email from the correspondence e-fairy at the Auburn Garden Club. Member and friend, Marti and her husband, Paul were in an auto accident. The newspaper....says that their car struck a tree, and then spun out of control, hit an embankment and landed on its roof. This how the first responders found them. He is doing well, but Marti will be in the hospital for some time. They were driving only 40 mph with their seat belts on. Two tons of steel just going just 40 mph can be a scary thing. People, please be careful.