Monday, August 17, 2009


Well....the time has come to list my finished quilts in my etsy shop. Three will be for sale, to begin with, and we will see how they sell. This is a little guy, 42 x 42. Maybe diagonally on the table with candles, etc, or as a wall hanging.

The one on the just below was fun to make....I did it just to see how it went together. An excellent stash-buster.
I didn't know if it would end up on someone's bed, over the back of the couch or on the wall, so I put a sleeve on it. It measures 68 x 49. It was professionally quilted, so zoom in on the wonderful feather work.

And then is my one of my favorites....great Turkey red fabric that I hoarded for a couple of years until I could find a quilt to put it in. Size is 74 x 74. I also made pillow cases from leftover fabric. I can see this in someone's guestroom.

So...the quilts will to up tomorrow.