Friday, December 11, 2009

I have found something.....

....and I think I should tell you guys about it.  First of all,  to quote Mariel over at "Or So She Says"
"Speaking of reasonable prices, when I saw these insanely cute bags of LB Artworks, I was like "what?!" I was so shocked, I had to call Jessica...."she's selling these super cute bags for that??" I swear these could be sold for double the price, but I love this shop all the more for being reasonable and I will sing their praises forever! I love that the bags remind me of nature and that they are so durable (4 layers)! If you want a unique, quality bag...this is the place. Just don't buy my favorites before I get to them!"   

Well, watch out Mariel..I just bought a bag from the birds collection...this one:

Go is a little late for Christmas shopping, but...hey, this for me,moi and myself.   Here is a peek as some of the other bags (photo from Or So She Says Blog):

There is nothing in it for me, friends, just the pleasure of telling my friends 
about the work of this gal from Tennessee.

That said, I am off to make a new ironing board cover.  I saw this dreamy and fun IBC on "Monica Wants It"  and headed over to the Etsy seller to grab it....guess what?  Someone beat me to was like totally gone!  Sooooo, I rummaged in the sellers sold file and found out what the fabric was (discontinued, natch!) but did get my hands on a couple of yards. Then I found a tutorial on how to make a new IBCl..... that I think I might make sense of.  Will show you when I finish. 

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