Friday, December 25, 2009

Metal Frame Clutch Bag Sew Along

I want to make my first metal frame clutch bag.  I have never made one and I don't know anyone who has.   So I would like some help here.  I have the frames, finally got the glue, and now am ready to proceed.  

Here is the frame that I have....

And the Guttermann Glue...............

I have an instruction sheet that I downloaded from one of the crafting sites.

Next step is to pick the fabrics.  I have made three selections (fabric I am willing to sacrifice to catastrophe).

Here is where you come are the fabrics, you make the selection by entering the letter in the comment section.  As soon as I have 25 votes the majority fabric will be the one I use.

Then....I will make the bag and photograph and describe what I do.....tutorial-style.  This will NOT abe a tutorial, but a group experience.   If you want to learn how to do this, check back when you get the update info and see how 'we' are doing. are the fabrics (drumrolllllll)...


  1. #1 is my favorite!

    Can't wait for your tuturial. I'm happy to have you test this out and share your insights. Maybe next time I'll have my supplies and can make one along with you!


  2. I like fabric #3 the best! Can't wait to hear how this goes. I've been wanting to make one of these also but haven't had time to figure it out yet, or get the supplies.

    Merry Christmas!

    Corinne @ Bagalicious

  3. I think this is much trickier that I realized....Lisa over at U-bag seems to have it under control. I will start tomorrow....stay tuned.


  4. Hi! I like fabric #3. Good luck.

  5. hi, i wanna knw frm wer can we buy the metallic frame?? awaitin reply


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