Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Bag Is Done!

Here is photo of finished frame clutch using the fabric you voted for.

There are a couple of things to add.  I topstitched around the top of the bag to give it some structure.  My thinking was that it would to into the channel of the frame more easily.  It does.

Then, I remembered reading somewhere in my research to apply some masking tape to the edge to keep the glue off the fabric.

...zoom in on the photo on the left
and notice the glue on the frame.  You can
remove this easily with nail polish remover and
a Q-Tip.  And from your hands as wel.

Finally, thank you all for following along both on the blog here and over at the Carried Away Bag Team thread.  I will leave it up until someone decides it needs to go.  Thanks especially to Andy, Sherry, Sandra, IslandGirl, SoCalGal, Bagalicious and my DH who worked so hard getting the glue off the bag frames I ruined.



  1. Your bag looks terrific. I really love the idea of the masking tape, too. Thanks for adding that. Also, know that your next bag is going to be so much easier. :D

  2. Wow...thanks for posting these tips.. AggieRay


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