Monday, December 7, 2009

....well, here is what happened,

 ...and it's not over yet.  First of all,  Saturday I participated in a craft faire at our church.  It was fun, but very tiring for this arthritic soul. I have never done this before, but had a good time designing the space and displaying my stuff.
My friend, Karen, had a booth and Dona stopped by to visit and shop.

 There were 35 or
 so vendors and a very nice turnout.  And everyone did very well.

Wouldn't you buy an apron from this guy?

I did nicely, thank you very much, however I did not sell one single apron!  I tried everything....... even tying one on Garth and having him sashay around the venue.  He was a good sport, but no luck!  They are all back home now.  It was a beautiful, bright sunny day, and a good time for everyone.

The cold weather came in on Sunday morning and after church, so no planting bulbs outside......We opted for indoor activities...... got some cracked crab then stopped by Radio Shack to get a fire wire so I could transfer data from my old iMac to my brand new racy model.   Turns out we had the wrong type of wire, but went ahead anyway.  Not knowing it would take 4 hours, we went to bed.  It started to snow in the night and the power went out as trees and wires gave way under snow load.

Woke up to this.....just beautiful.  What was NOT beautiful, was that the old iMac was not hooked up to the battery stand-by and as best we can figure, it is fried!  AND, keeping the data I need (like passwords, address book, calendar quicken, etc.  out of my to itself).  Our Mac guru has been called, but he cannot get to us due to snow and our long, uphill driveway.

I can get on the internet with my new baby and man the shop as well as blog. I remember those passwords, of course.....but the bank, email, etc.  duh!

Now, what have I learned from this.  DO NOT mess with technology and take mother nature for granted on the same day!  Backup your keychain (passwords) so you can get to them with another OS.  Our son-in-law is emailing technical help as I write, so the troops have arrived.  Update tomorrow if the snow melts and the creeks don't rise!

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