Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherry at JuliaSherryDesigns

Another Etsy friend sent info...

Sent by JuliaSherryDesigns on December 28, 2009:

You are going to have to make your own patterns by not completely following the tutorials.
For example, with the 7" frame, just completely trace around the outside of the frame, then take your measuring tape and from the trace give yourself 3cm on the outside of the trace all the way around, this will allow for your sewing. So if you want the bag to be 6"tall, measurse from the top of the new outside trace to the bottom to 7.5" for sewing. Then, take the metal frame, place it on the just inside the new outside trace, and mark where the frame ends. This is the place that will need to be marked to stop sewing. I think you can finish making the pattern from this point, but as for the glue, I only put it in the frame not on the purse it self. This will cut down on the mess and of course use the tweezer to push it in the frame. I have learn that with these metal frames their is a lot of trial and error that goes along with each new frame that I try. I will just get better with practice. The tutorials do help, but you still have to rely on your skills as a seamtress a lot
 more to  complete the bags.
Email me back for any questions.

Now....I tried my own design.  Still not understanding the part about adding width  to the area that abuts the hinge.  Made the bag....did pretty  well with the glue.   However when I opened the bag to put my hand in it was too tight...

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