Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!...back to work

Some my cardmaker gurus have come across this instagram thingie where you have Google select your top 9 photos for 2017.  Now, having Google choose without consulting me is suspect.   Look what they chose...
These are cards I have made and the neighbors chickens!  

If any of you are watercolorists, maybe you can help or sympathize....I am trying to find the colors to complete this project.  I have trouble with the paper, for one. It is pilling, but that may be from too many applications of color.   I think I will go to Strathmore.  Now the colors.   I am using Zig watercolor brush makers and want to make it work.  I won't try Copics, and something this size is a challenge. Katrina, Nicole and Jennifer just knocked it out of the park.  

 It is a birthday card for a special someone. Off the the craft room to give it another go. 

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